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Enviro-Tech Sensor products are compliant with all New Zealand and Australian Standards and are certified with Watermark licence as well as the water efficiency WELS star ratings.

Certificate for taps no. 23076

Certificate for Flush Valves no. 23077

Watermark Compliance Certificate

Watermark cert

For further information on Australian Watermark visit ABCB website:

You can find Enviro-Tech Products and licence number by typing 'Enviro-Tech' in the 'supplier name or manufacturer' field at:

For Further information on WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) visit their website at and search Enviro-Tech to find relevant information about our products.

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme

The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) provides consumers with information on how water efficient a product is by showing clearly with a simple star system the amount of water a product uses. The Scheme has been compulsory in Australia since 2005 so most people are familiar with the stickers already attached to many store brought products showing energy efficiency.

The New Zealand WELS is mandatory from April 2011, so New Zealand standards testing now include WELS rating that is derived after testing a product at various pressures to determine an average flow rate. The star system on the labels will show you how efficient a product is by the number of stars, and products will display labels to clearly show the star rating each product has achieved.

The scheme is regulated by the government and designed to allow end consumers to make informed decisions into purchasing products and whether or not they promote water conservation, 'the more stars the better'.

All Enviro-Tech taps are 6 stars rated and we have one of the only 6 star rated urinals available with high tech SMART DEMAND, 'urine sensing' technolgy. View individual product information to see its star ratings. Enviro-Tech strives to develop its products to achieve maxium WELS rating.

We offer Toliet flush valves and cisterns with both a 3 star and 4 star rating this gives you more freedom to install with exisitng toilets and infrastructure when updating existing bathrooms.

Our customers can be secure in knowing that when you purchase an Enviro-Tech product you are getting the very best in water efficiency but also optimal functionality and cost effectiveness.

For further information on WELS visit:

AS 1428.1 - 2009 Accessible Compliant

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