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Refer to individual product pages to view CAD and PDF drawings as well as installtion instructions or email us at if you can't find the drawing you want.

Control Box: 125 x 120 x 62 mm

All our products contain electronic components which at times act in an unpredictable way (think about your PC). Every product is tested immediately prior to distribution so a faulty product is highly unlikely. If during or immediately after installation, your tap either runs on or won't run:

  • Unplug from the power source, remove and check batteries;
  • Carefully re-install batteries ensuring that the connections are good and you haven't unduly damaged (pulled too hard on) any of the wiring;
  • Re-plug in to the power source and then the adapter.

If the tap runs on, leave 60-70 seconds to see if it turns off by its self (it may be readjusting to the environment) then place hand in front of sensor at a distance you would optimally like it to activate, this will stop the flow of water.

Our products have tiny computer chips in them that are actually very reliable, once installed but they like to be left alone so take care when you need to change the batteries.

If run on occurs in models ET2-OL20, ET2-20.4 and ET2-24.1 check that the distance from basin to the sensor is adequate as per installation instructions.

Isolating Valves:

We strongly recommend that all taps be installed with isolating valves. Isolating valves greatly reduce the amount of time spent should a there ever be a problem with your tap.  It is also an effective way to control water pressure should you need to adjust this.

WC Flush Valves:

Water pressure of at least 400kPa is crucial for effective elimination. These valves have a high water rating so use a small amount of water, so the pressure of the water is the key to optimal flush. We strongly recommend 4 star flush valves to be installed with an approved 4 star WELS toilet suite, if you are retrofitting paired with a toilet of lessor star rating, we suggest you use our 3 star WELS alternative (ET4-7.3).

Infrared Urinals:

ET3-10 infrared urinal flush valves comes standard with ABS plastic finish faceplate, in areas prone to vandalism we recommend the stainless steel alternative (ET3-12FP) which comes with a stainless steel access face plate as an extra or the ET3-M which has all parts concealed.

Smart Demand Urinals:

Sensor is 'smart demand' 'urine sensing' it detects vibration of liquid flowing on the urinal surface and is attached to the rear underside of the ceramic urinal.

Flush settings are pre-set before dispatch. Tampering with the electronic component of this or any other product in our range without first consulting us will void your warranty.

Limitations of Infra-red Technology:

With all infrared sensors, strong light and reflective surfaces can interfere with operation.  This is not a product fault.  Some tap models are more susceptible to interference than others and are not recommended for use with stainless steel sinksor for particularly bright environments.In our experience, high-vis clothing can also cause sensors in some tap and urinal flush valves to activate.

It is recommended that you read the product information on this website carefully and if you are unsure whether or not a product is suitable, please contact us for advice.

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