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ET2-SP1 Wall Mounted Spout
Wall mounted spout options for use with the ET2-SE. Created to maximise design options, both are simply spouts and become hands free sensor taps only when installed with the new Enviro-Tech wall mounted sensor eye.  
ET2-22.9 New Basin Tap
Popular European design exclusive to Enviro-Tech. Robust and stylish this brings a touch of elegance yet highly suitable for all shared bathroom environments.
Wall mounted sensor eye ET2-SE
A simple wall mounted infra-red sensor eye with solenoid unit that will adapt any tap/spout in to hands free senor tap, is ideal for retro-fit or a cost effective and flexible option.
Simple and practical design suitable for all shared bathroom situations. Battery box can easily be concealed any where either under side of vanity or in wall cavity. For the later option Enviro-Tech can supply brushed stainless steel cover plates as optional extra.
Automatic sensor Tap ET2-OL10
Hygienic 'No touch' operation, a cost effective option, suitable for schools, hospitals and public bathrooms.
A Unique and Exclusive design, waterfall spout and reliable sensor technology, particularly suitable offices, airports and public buildings.
Automatic Sensor Tap Deck or Basin Mounted ET2-OL24.1.
Features specialist technology that allows for sensor to be at water outlet yet still achieve slim design. Hi Tech low sensitivity filters attached to the sensor allow for placement of this model in all areas where stainless steel basins or troughs are installed. Minimal surfaces makes it ideal for Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Cafes and any area where hygiene is a priority.
Elite Range Sensor Tap with Swivel Neck ET2-24.4
Specially designed hygienic sensor tap, ideal for all, utility, clinical and food preparation areas. Bench mounted with high arch spout that turns and swivels makes this model ideal for kitchens, laboratories, clinics and utility areas. Also suitable for school art rooms where larger objects are required to be in the flow of water.
Classic 'R' shaped spout, tall pillar design with sensor window at front is particularly suitable for behind a bench mounted basin. There is no set run time for any of the Enviro-Tech sensor tap range, it is simply; hands in sensor field 'water on', remove hands 'water off'. This offers maximum water savings.
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