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Automatic sensor Tap ET2-OL10

ET2-OL10DC Battery operated

ET2-OL10AC/DC Hardwired with battery backup

Hygienic 'No touch' operation, a cost effective option, suitable for schools, hospitals and public bathrooms.

There is no set run time for any of the Enviro-Tech sensor tap range, it is simply; hands in sensor field 'water on', remove hands 'water off'. This offers maximum water savings.


  • Low energy consumption and long life batteries allow for up to 200,000 cycles battery life
  • Hygienic 'No touch' operation and automatic shut off after one minute
  • No set run time - hands in sensor field 'water on', remove hands 'water off'
  • Up to 70% water savings
  • AS/NZS 3718:2005
  • 6 Star WELS water rating

Technical parameters

  • Water Pressure 100kPa - 500kPa
  • Water temperature 1-55C
  • DC6V 4 x AA batteries supplied or mains power with battery back up (use correct product codes when ordering)
  • Power consumption static =0.5W(DC), =3W(AC)
  • Water inlet G1/2"
  • Detection range self-adjusting to environment
  • IP54

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