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# ET2-31SDC (battery only)
# ET2-31SAC/DC (mains power with battery back up)

Simple and practical design suitable for all shared bathroom situations. Battery box can easily beconcealed any where either under side of vanity or in wall cavity. For the later option Enviro-Tech can supply brushed stainless steel cover plates as optional extra.

There is no set run time with any of the Enviro-Tech sensor tap range, it is simply; hands in sensor field 'water on', remove hands 'water off'. This offers maximum water savings.


  • Hygienic 'No touch' operation and automatic shut off after one minute
  • No set run time - hands in sensor field 'water on', remove hands 'water off'
  • Low energy consumption and long life batteries allow up to 110,000 cycles battery life
  • 6 Star Water Rating
  • AS/NZS 3718

Technical parameters

  • Water Pressure 100kPa -500kPa
  • Ambient temperature 1-55C
  • DC6V 4 x AA batteries supplied (mains options available)
  • Power consumption static = 0.5W (DC), = 3W (AC); standby 0.003W
  • Detection range 27-31cm
  • Water inlet G1/2"
  • Respond time 1 Seconds
  • IP54

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